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50 Beautiful Tall Flower Centerpieces Ideas

When it comes to choosing wedding centerpieces, most couples first decide if they want tall flower arrangements, low centerpieces, or a mix of high and low designs. To help you find the perfect fit for your wedding, we’ve rounded up a list of 50 different centerpiece ideas. This roundup includes colors like red, pink, and purple, plus flowers like roses, peonies, and dahlias. There are also flower-less options, like garlands of greenery. There’s truly nothing like walking into a grand ballroom or reception tent decorated with elegant tables topped with towering floral centerpieces.

Most often, we can see flowers as a centerpiece for a dining table. But we don’t just gather them and add them to vase without a creative approach to it. While most couples opt for floral arrangements—which they place in the center of their tables—the options extend far beyond simple bundles of one kind of bloom. With so many flower varieties out there, plus a whole spectrum of petal shades, choosing blossoms for your centerpieces can be overwhelming.

Discover what your options are and get inspired for your own décor. While some couples select only small centerpieces to make it easier for guests to converse with one another throughout the celebration, the decision to choose tall flower arrangements is one that will instantly transform the space. If you love flowers, this one will make you absolutely love it.


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