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5 Additional Water Activities You Will Love in Bali Apart from Surfing

When people are going to Bali, it is common to look for places to do surfing. But, actually there are more water activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful islands. Here are 5 other water activities that you can enjoy in Bali besides surfing.

Wonderfull indonesia
Wonderfull indonesia

1. Parasailing

Like birds flying into the atmosphere, parasailing action is undoubtedly a must to try. Parasailing is a water sport activity at which you can use parachute umbrellas and also be hauled by a speed boat about Tanjung Benoa Beach. The duration of a parachute rope using a speed vessel is about 80 meters, making you feel the feeling of a paratrooper.

Before attempting parasailing games, vacationers will be given leadership from the manual, starting from the coming of the instrument, standing position before flying, not to mention the method before landing. Parachute umbrellas utilized will be adjusted to the dimensions of the passenger fat, together with the color of the umbrella which may be chosen on your own.

All gear supplied meets global standards and manuals will be delighted to accompany while flying into the atmosphere in case you haven’t dared to operate on your own.

2. Jet Ski

The feeling of riding a motor cross from the sea would be quite exciting. Because of this, you need to try jet skiing at Tanjung Benoa.

Ahead of the action of riding a jet-ski starts, the manual provides instructions on the engine, gasoline, brakes, and even forcing methods on the water. Due to the numerous water sports activities from Tanjung Benoa, you’ll come with a manual to the center of the sea to prevent collisions with other sea visitors.

3. Flying Fish

Flying fish remains the latest game in Bali. This really is a water play action with an inflatable boat that resembles a flying fish.

Flying fish is performed by no more than 3 individuals, namely two passengers on the left and right, and one teacher at the center. The manual provides direction about the ideal place on the ship, which may stand just like riding a bike or resting on the back.

What’s more, the flying fish is going to be pulled with a high-speed rate vessel with a route contrary to the end so it will fly up into 2 meters over the water based on wind velocity. It has to be exciting.

4. Water Ski

Although Bali doesn’t have snowy hills, you’re still able to ski, that’s by stepping onto a plank and pulled by a speed boat. The principles of this game are simple. You may stand on the plank and wear shoes connected to the board. While holding a rope around 3 meters, which can be tied into the rate boat section, you’ll be attracted around Tanjung Benoa Beach.

5. Flyboarding

If that’s the case, obviously this one action is well worth trying. Flyboarding is among the most intense and hard water sports. You’ll be offered with a particular board like a wakeboard using a pair of sneakers which were attached, then you’ll be pushed by high-pressure water so that you will fly across the surface of the water such as a superhero.

This last match is among the most ambitious new attractions in Tanjung Benoa, rather than all suppliers have it. Therefore, if you would like to relish the feeling of hovering around ten meters over the water surface, then it is a fantastic idea to purchase early.

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