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Wedding Theme

40 Amazing Emerald And Gold Wedding Ideas

When creating a wedding theme, the most important thing to consider is what best represents you- the bride and groom- as a couple. There’s various ways of doing this, like choosing a shared interest, favourite season, favourite animal and of course the location. One way to ensure that your wedding colors are striking is to choose a color that contrasts well, or shows up very well next to gold.

And one way that best creates a theme is simple yet extremely effective- colour. Brides often select their favourite colours to base their theme around, however one thing to also think about is what mood that colour creates, and what it means about you. You also have to avoid mistake that often appear when choosing the right color for your wedding theme. Such as: using too many colors, limiting yourself to only two distinct colors, choosing trendy colors just to be trendy, overdoing one hue, choosing predictable colors, ignoring texture, ignoring your venue colors, neglecting your paper elements, trying to color-match the flowers, relying on your bridesmaids to pull off the themed color, choosing colors that don’t fit to the mood, limiting yourself to seasonal color rules, and the last is not giving visual examples to your wedding pros.

Below are several examples that we giving to you as your recommendations.



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